Hitler? Hitler? I’m So Sick of Hitler! Using Examples in Debate

June 18, 2008

Debaters and Limited Preparation speakers seem to rely heavily on a few well known, but not always applicable, examples to make their case.  Check out this great article to get started in expanding your use of geographic, historical, economic, societal, and current event examples!

Hitler? Hitler? I’m So Sick of Hitler! Using Examples in LD

Graphic provided by: http://evilwombat.files.wordpress.com/2008/04/hitler2.jpg



  1. I must agree when Hitler arguments come up in rounds I feel that there is really no way to defend or counter without in some way saying that the Holocaust was a good thing. I believe that Hitler and reasoning behind the Nazi Regime are some of the dirtiest tactics one can use in a round.

  2. Holy cow. today was super hard. i have a feeling that remembering the terms and words and all that is going to take me a while. i do think that i will enjoy doing LD because i feel very strongly about my opinions but i have always been an open minded person and try not to make desicions until i have all the facts

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