Tips For Flowing!

July 3, 2008


Keeping track of everything in the debate round can be a challenge! Follow these flowing tips from Debate Central to keep up!

Use multiple sheets of paper.

Use different colors pens.

Write legibly.

Develop abbreviations.

Back-flow for your partner.

Do not stop flowing because your part is through.

Listen: do not talk to your partner while your opponent is speaking.

Pre-flow arguments you use frequently.

Circle empty spaces on the flow if you notice arguments that are dropped.

Flow in order of the speeches.

Flow in columns. Flow arguments next to each other if they are addressing each other.

Have a highlighter with you to draw your eye to crucial arguments.

Use arrows to show arguments that are extended.

Clip Art provided by http://www.artclips.com/clipart/free/clipart/Pen.gif




One comment

  1. Very helpful!! I’ll have to start doing some of these suggestions!

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