Felony Right to Vote Affirmative Arguments

October 9, 2008

Here is a compiled resource for the Affirmative on our new Lincoln Douglas Topic.

LD Aff Arguments Nov-Dec 2008



  1. Hello! I love debate!!!…… just sayin’!

  2. Hello!
    Your’s is the first blog I’ve encountered by a speech communication person.
    I am retired Prof. at Texas Tech U., Lubbock, TX. I have WordPress blog with much material related to communication.
    I have wanted to find out the current debate propositions for the University level, as well as the H.S.level.
    I have expressed on my blog my complete disgust with the moderators and planners of the presidential debates. Perhaps you, too, may share my negative enthusiasm.
    Looks like a nice blog.
    John Deethardt.

  3. hey!
    WOW! i love this blog too! I think it would be better if we get more info on the neg side. I have lots of info on the aff side but less on the neg, can you help??

  4. The problem with these arguments is that too many of them are US-specific, while the resolution simply states, “In a democratic society.”

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