The Debate Bible for CX

February 1, 2011

Policy Debaters!

Check out “The Debate Bible” to learn more abou the different types of advanced argumentation!



  1. WOW this “Bible” is a amazing i know for a fact that it will help me in a tourniment especially the Book of Demeanor and Partner Interaction. haha jk The Doctor (inside joke). But really this is good for any policy team novice or varsity

  2. I agree this ‘bible’ is a lot of help. I think the same book will help me with my partner, the so-called “C4PT4IN AW3S0M3.” This person is clearly a bit vain. haha jk. This is super helpful for anyone.

  3. Captain awesome…… that name is not legit, cuz i’m totally cooler ha ha 😛

    • Hey my name is completely legit. In fact its 2 Legit 2 Quit and guess what morgan…… WE HAVE SECRET NAMES so i dont want to hear how unlegit mine is CUZ AT LEAST I HAVE ONE

  4. I havent actually been able to read the bible yet cuz we saw the two comment and decided to go there first =p …thanks morgan

  5. Morgan- That name is totally legit. You’re just jelous because you don’t have a cool nickname!
    Matt- Now who’s fault is that? Oh right! YOURS! Just because here are comments, doesn’t mean you have to read them first. So don’t blame Captain Awesome for your mistakes. =P
    You’re both just jealous cuz we kick your butts in Policy.

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