Instructions for Case Completion

October 10, 2011

Make your CASE!!!

At this point you should have lots of arguments on both side of the topic. Now it is time to start putting it into your Case Outline (see under your type of debate below). In addition to 3 main arguments on  each side of the topic you also need an attention getter (look for a great quote that supports that side of the debate), definitions for the terms in the resolution, and more!

Are your CASES done?!

Build Blocks to use againstyour opponents!

Start by finding arguments/responses to your own cases!!

You need WAY MORE than 3 arguments on each side to be good at debate! Don’t settle for a minimum knowledge on your topic. Create an argument for every good reason you come across – affirmative or negative – you never know when you can use it to answer future attacks or opponent contentions.

Be looking for multiple warrants that support the same claims – think, for example how you will respond to an attack made against your contention – if you have another warrant that supports your contention, you can easily answer back in your next speech. You should have a large document that features a BUNCH of these arguments, called “blocks”.

Public Forum



Let’s Abolish the Electoral College



Slate: In Defense of the Electoral College

Against a Popular Vote

Public Forum Debate Case Outline

Lincoln Douglas

Whitman Debate Evidence Pack – People in Need

Indvidual Moral Obligation Starter Set


Beyond the Veil of Ignorance – On Philosophy

World Hunger: A Moral Response

Veil of Ignorance – Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Lincoln Douglas Affirmative Case Outline


Rational Egoism – Wikipedia, don’t quote – just learn!

Self Interest – The Virtue of Selfishness

Egoism – Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Lincoln Douglas Negative Case Worksheet

Policy Debate

Go to My Student Resources

Read an affirmative in the Galileo Affirmative document (just the part called the 1AC). Create a list with the name of the Case on top (ex. Helium-3) and write a few notes to help you remember the important parts of the case. Under that you should create a list of arguments that could be made against your case. Find the arguments against the case in the Copernicus Case Issues document and search for arguments AGAINST the plan you just read.

Don’t like some of these arguments? Go to Open Evidence to see if you can find better warrants (cards/pieces of evidence) to back up the main ideas.

Keep searching for more!



  1. Can I use the LD and PF case outlines? Are they yours or did you get them from somewhere else?

    I want to give credit where credit is due because they are really good.


    • Use them! I created them but you are welcome to take them and make them yours!

  2. i love this site!

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