Thursday, October 20

October 18, 2011

Lincoln Douglas


Be sure you are following the Lincoln Douglas Debate Affirmative Case Outline you need to have each component in the correct order.

Find info for Value/Criteria as well as Contentions in the handbook posted in  My Student Resources https://tkmiller97.wordpress.com/my-student-resources/

Remember, your arguments should have 3 components, a claim (main point of argument – one sentence), a warrant (a quotation, statistic, reasoning), and an impact statement (a sentence that ties the claim back to the resolution)

Don’t forget to put in an attention-getting getter, the resolution, definitions, etc.!

When your case is complete, time it to ensure it will be less than 6 minutes long!

Public Forum

Finish your cases!!! Make sure you have each of the components of the Public Forum Debate Case Outline.

Once your cases are written, each partner should choose who will be the 1st Speaker for each side of the debate. Time yourselves reading through the cases. There is no EXCUSE for going over time!

Cases done? Drill yourselves by doing the following:

One partner reads a contention from the case written by their partner (either pro or con)

The partner must then make a response to that argument (use your evidence book, other research, your own reasoning to refute the contention)

The first partner must now attempt to respond to the attacks made upon the contention!

Do this for as many arguments as you have time for – it is a full on mini debate and will sharpen your refutation skills!


2AC Scavenger Hunt –

Finding answers to negative attacks against your case!

On Open Evidence, select affirmatives and then open affirmative files for your case (Asteroids, Mars, etc.). Your goal is to find additional “cards” (pieces of evidence) that support your 1AC arguments.

As you find the arguments, copy and paste them into their own Word document and print. File them in your Affirmative information files under 2AC!

You are looking for additional cards to answer attacks against your:






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