December 14 Instructions to Debaters

December 14, 2011

Review your case and all of your files and materials. Remember your last tournament and recall the arguments that you did not feel you had enough evidence to fully address. Begin looking for more recent cards to any outdated evidence in your 1AC, 2AC blocks, and Disadvantages.

In addition to seeing what Open Evidence has to offer, do some in-depth research of your own. You can search lili.org for scholarly articles and check out science news websites and NASA to make sure you are fully prepared for upcoming arguments. You don’t want to have missed any breaking science news that might affect your case.

For example, if you are running mars on the affirmative you better have an inherency answer that post-dates and/or incorporates the launch of the Curiosity rover.

Lets start to get back in serious debate mode – we have limited  computer lab time so please take this opportunity seriously in order to succeed!


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