National Forensic League: Idaho Gem of the Mountain

February 19, 2012

Results of the 2012 Idaho Gem of the Mountain NFL District Tournament!

Policy Debate

Qualifier Dallas Nan and Jeremy Feldman – Timberline

Qualifier Paige Spraker and Austin Brittenham – Centennial

1st Alt Alex Belisle and Maggie Grahm – Timberline

2nd Alt Josh Dyke and Levi Orr – Centennial

Domestic Extemporaneous  

Qualifier – Levi Orr – Centennial

Qualifier – Luke Gordon – Eagle

1st Alt – Justin Rueb- Mt. View

2nd Alt Matthew Vraspir- Renaissance

International Extemp

Qualifier Andrew Baron – Renaissance

1st Alt – CodiGriffiths

2nd Alt – Matt Mangiantini


Dramatic Interpretation:


Joann King – Mt. Home

Madison Tucker – Rocky Mt.

1st Alternate: Dillon Nute – Mt. Home

2nd Alternate: Makayla Heck – Rocky Mt.


Duo Interpretation:

Qualifier: Case & Hale – Skyview

1st Alternate: Aiken & Nixon – Mt. Home

2nd Alternate: Cannavo & King – Mt. Home


Humorous Interpretation:


Dalton Montgomery – Weiser

Kaitlyn Lange – Mountain View

1st Alternate: Parker Goris – Eagle

2nd Alternate: Elija Nixon – Mt. Home


Original Oratory:


Erin Bamer – Eagle

Samantha Killian – Rocky Mountain

1st Alternate: Katy Sirra – Mt. Home

2nd Alternate: Kristine Howe – Renaissance


Lincoln Douglas:


Wyatt Caccia – Wood River

Anna Goebel – Centennial

Scott Christensen – Nampa

1st Alternate: Madison Ingraham – Eagle

2nd Alternate: Sarah McDonagh – Centennial

3rd Alternate: Ryan Kotek – Timberline


Public Forum:


Trouten & Cruz – Mt. Home

Bailey & Kimball – Wood River

Reed & Bhattarai – Eagle

1st Alternate – Ashe & Neher – Eagle

2nd Alternate – Argusa & Ryu – Eagle

3rd Alternate – Cooley & Beull – Wood River


Student Congress:



Sarah McDonagh – Centennial

Cole Borcher – Skyview

1st Alternate: Lee Ferris – Rocky Mt.

2nd Alternate: Like Gordon – Eagle

House 1:


William Negri – Mt. Home

1st Alternate – Michael Chen – Centennial

2nd Alternate – Matt Reed – Eagle

House 2:


Stephen Holsinger – Renaissance

1st Alternate: Andrew Baron – Renaissance

2nd Alternate: Brennan Neal – Eagle

House 3:


Dillon Nute – Mt. Home

1st Alternate: Harrison Agrusa – Eagle

2nd Alternate: Shelby Lee – Rocky Mt.




Congress: Eagle High School


Speech: Mountain Home




  1. Extemp?!! policy?!

  2. Policy was:

    Qualifier Dallas Nan and Jeremy Feldman

    Qualifier Paige Spraker and Austin Brittenham

    1st Alt Alex Belisle and Maggie Grahm

    2nd Alt Josh Dyke and Levi Orr

    • Nan/Feldman and Grahm/Belisle are from Timberline High School

      Spraker/Brittenham and Dyke/Orr are from Centennial High School

      • Thank you!

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