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I am a bored LD debater with no topic to research…

August 1, 2011

You poor LD debaters. Those policy debaters have had a topic to research all summer and you have zilch! 😦

Never fear. The NFL has published the topics that they will choose from for the upcoming season. We don’t know which topics will definitely be used or which months they will be for but you can go ahead and learn everything you can about each of them and be that much more prepared for the 2011-2012 season!!

1. Resolved: The United States ought to extend to non-citizens accused of terrorism the same constitutional due process protections it grants to citizens.

2. Resolved: It is morally permissible for victims to use deadly force as a deliberate response to repeated domestic violence.

3. Resolved: In the United States, possession of handguns ought not be an individual right.

4. Resolved: The use of eminent domain for private economic development is just.

5. Resolved: Estate taxes are just.

6. Resolved: A government has the obligation to lessen the economic gap between its rich and poor citizens.

7. Resolved: A just society ought to prioritize environmental concerns over the production of energy.

8. Resolved: In the United States, law enforcement ought to be required to have probable cause to search data an individual has stored on remote servers.

9. Resolved: Targeted killing is a morally permissible foreign policy tool.

10. Resolved: Individuals have a moral obligation to assist people in need.


Lincoln Douglas January 2011 Topic

December 13, 2010

What is meant by “juvenile”:

Person below the age at which ordinary criminal prosecution is possible (18 in

most countries). Source: Compact Oxford English Dictionary

Definition of “violence”:

Using physical force: using physical force to injure somebody or damage something.

Definition of “felonies”:

An offense, as murder or burglary, of graver character than those called misdemeanors, especially those commonly punished in the US by imprisonment by more than one year. Source: Random House Dictionary

What is meant by the “criminal justice system”:

A series of organizations involved in apprehending, prosecuting, defending, sentencing, and jailing those involved in crimes – including law enforcement, attorneys, judges, courts of law, prisons. From’s 21st Century Lexicon:



Topic Research Assignment

December 6, 2010

Online Research Day:


Read through the information provided below for your type of debate. Begin your case construction with any of the evidence you need for your case.

Remember to follow your outline:

Follow these outlines even if your sources do not. Always remember to cut and paste WHERE you got the information and its DATE of publication (ex. The New York Times, October 10, 2010).


Policy Debate

Go to Open Evidence and research/cut cards on Disadvantages or other arguments you feel need improvement.


Public Forum Debate

February 2011

Resolved: Wikileaks is a threat to United States national security.

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Lincoln Douglas Debate

2011 January/February Topic


In the United States, juveniles charged with violent felonies ought to be treated as adults in the criminal justice system.

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January Topics

December 16, 2009

Lincoln Douglas January/February Topic

Resolved: Economic sanctions ought not be used to achieve foreign policy objectives.

LD Debate Central Topic Overview

Office of Foreign Assets Control – U.S. Treasury Department

USA Engage (against economic sanctions)

A User’s Guide To Economic Sanctions – Heritage Foundation

Going Alone on Economic Sanctions Hurts U.S. More than Foes – Cato Institute

Economic Sanctions, Just War Doctrine, And The “Fearful Spectacle Of The Civilian Dead” by Joy Gordon

More information is available under the My Student Resources page. Information is password protected and intended for my students only. Thank you!

Public Forum January Topic

Resolved: President Obama’s plan for increasing troops in Afghanistan is in the United States’ best interest.

 PF Debate Central Topic Overview

A look at Obama’s Afghan Strategy

Obama Afghanistan strategy: More troops in quickly, drawdown in 2011

BBC Obama’s Afghanistan Strategy

Obama’s Afghanistan Strategy Must be More than More Troops

Barack Obama’s Afghanistan strategy is a gamble and the price will be high

The Next Surge: Counterbureaucracy – NY Times

New Afghanistan Rules Of Engagement May Hamstring U.S. Troops

It’s not just the enemy killing U.S. soldiers

The Afghanistan Problem

Stalemate: Why a real counter-insurgency strategy is not possible in Afghanistan–and why politics may be the answer

More information is available under the My Student Resources page. Information is password protected and intended for my students only. Thank you!


New LD and PF Topics Posted

October 5, 2009

Lincoln Douglas Debate: 2009 November/December Topic

Resolved: Public health concerns justify compulsory immunization.

Find LD Topic Resources HERE!

Public Forum 2009 November Topic

Resolved: Failed nations are a greater threat to the United States than stable nations.

Find PF Topic Resources HERE!


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Philosophy & Fallacy Resource

September 17, 2009

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy is a wonderful resource!

Read about the fallacies or pick a philosopher to peruse!


Protected: March Topic Evidence

March 11, 2009

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