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Improve Your Memory Skills

June 23, 2008

Check out these memorization Tools & Strategies for Extemp (and Beyond!)


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Hitler? Hitler? I’m So Sick of Hitler! Using Examples in Debate

June 18, 2008

Debaters and Limited Preparation speakers seem to rely heavily on a few well known, but not always applicable, examples to make their case.  Check out this great article to get started in expanding your use of geographic, historical, economic, societal, and current event examples!

Hitler? Hitler? I’m So Sick of Hitler! Using Examples in LD

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Current Events!

June 12, 2008

Anyone up for heated internet conversation?

Let’s share links to and opinions on interesting and significant current events that are happening this summer!

Is Hillary the best choice for VP?

 Can something be done to curb food prices?

Should President Bush be impeached?

What’s up with subsidizing big oil companies?

Got an opinion? Post it to the Current Events Page to get the convo started!


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June 11, 2007

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