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Reading is such a chore…

July 26, 2011

Ugh, my eyes hurt from all of this policy ev reading.

I think I’ll relax by watching some episodes of NOVA! On the space topic, of course.


Policy Topic Resources! Space!

July 12, 2011

Click on a blue link to access the article or website!

Resources Specifically Addressing the Debate Topic:

2011-2012 Space Topic Overview

Space Topic Paper (not the final wording on the topic)

Tons of Evidence/Plans/Disads/K etc. now uploaded to the Open Evidence Project from various camps

Kritiking Space Exploration & Development – from

Physics Forum Blog Discussion on the Topic

History of the U.S. Space Program:

Timeline America’s Space Program from NPR

The Current U.S. Space Program:

What’s Next for U.S. Space Program? from the Boston Herald

Poll Finds Support for U.S. Space Program from Florida Today

The Space Program’s Leadership Black Hole from the Washington Post

What’s Next in Space from

General Advantages of Space Exploration:

NASA Solutions: Benefits of the Space Program

Medicines from Space


2011-2012 Policy Debate

May 9, 2011

It’s never too soon to begin researching for next year! See the policy debate Topic Overview and other related information at:






Topic Research Assignment

December 6, 2010

Online Research Day:


Read through the information provided below for your type of debate. Begin your case construction with any of the evidence you need for your case.

Remember to follow your outline:

Follow these outlines even if your sources do not. Always remember to cut and paste WHERE you got the information and its DATE of publication (ex. The New York Times, October 10, 2010).


Policy Debate

Go to Open Evidence and research/cut cards on Disadvantages or other arguments you feel need improvement.


Public Forum Debate

February 2011

Resolved: Wikileaks is a threat to United States national security.

Click HERE for PF Resources!


Lincoln Douglas Debate

2011 January/February Topic


In the United States, juveniles charged with violent felonies ought to be treated as adults in the criminal justice system.

Click HERE for LD Resources!


Poverty Videos

September 8, 2009

Check out the videos on poverty in America at:

Budgeting for Poverty: (Logic Appeal)

 Faces of Poverty: (Rhetorical, Emotional Appeal)

Making America Stronger, the Food Stamp Program (contains graphic images that may be disturbing to some viewers)


Thinking About Poverty: Policy Topic 09-10

August 21, 2009


The United States federal government should substantially increase social services for persons living in poverty in the United States.

Learn about poverty in America at:

Check out debate evidence posted at:

Join the forum at:

Novice Case List Resources:

Provide aid to those homeless individuals with mental illness and/or other special needs.

(Limited to one or more of the following: Rental Vouchers, fully funding the National Housing Trust Fund, expanding aid to homeless prevention services, and/or funding maintenance of current public housing.)

Provide the necessary funding to expand early childhood education.

(Limited to one or more of the following: Even Start, Early Head Start, Head Start and/or Child Care and Development Block Grants.)

Early Childhood Education Brief

Expand Food Stamps for persons living in poverty.

Expand higher education assistance for persons living in poverty.;jsessionid=KTqQ4KTChGQslQngZq0wPDQgcXTM0sMW42yBJvgnvNNhrWDXk1R2!-2016257069!-82436048?docId=5000582911

Expand Medicaid for persons living in poverty. publications/about medicaid/nasbo final 5-1-08.pdf


CX Debate

September 12, 2008

OK Policy people, it’s time to cannonball into the world of research!

Don’t know where to get started?

Check out the free resources at


But don’t forget, don’t bother researching anything that doesn’t apply to the novice case list…as interesting as it might be, you need to focus your attention on the issues below:

1.      Energy:  Wind Power

The USFG should increase the production tax credit for the development of wind energy in the United States.

2.     Energy: Solar Photovoltaic Cells

The USFG should increase the production tax credit for the development of solar power.

3.     Energy: Geothermal

The USFG should provide tax credit for the commercial use of geothermal energy in the United States.

4.     Energy: Bio-Fuels

The USFG should provide funding for the research and development of Bio-Fuels energy.

5.     Energy: Nuclear

The USFG should employ incentives to increase the use and development of nuclear power.