Limited Preparation Speaking

Limited Preparation Speaking Events


Extemporaneous Speaking

      A contestant draws three questions on a foreign or domestic news topic, selects one, then has 30 minutes to prepare an answer to the question.

      The contestant utilizes a set of files that he or she has built as a resource for answering the question. Only published materials may be used as resources (books, magazines, newspaper, and on-line resources).

      At the completion of the 30 minute preparation time, the student will speak on the topic for 7 minutes.

Extemporaneous Speech Handout

Extemporaneous Evaluation Rubric


Impromptu Speaking

      The Impromptu speech is an original speech selected after one minute of preparation.

      An impromptu speech should reveal the student’s ability to organize their thoughts in a logical manner.

      Contestants will receive short excerpts, quotes, or abstract words dealing with items of general interest, political, economic, and social issues.

      Time limit is between 2-4 minutes.


Retold Story

      Contestants will select a story from a group of three elementary level books provided by the tournament and in 30 minutes, be prepared to retell the story as if they are presenting in front of an elementary-age audience.  

      The story shall be retold without notes, but must not be memorized.

      Stories should not exceed 6 minutes.


Radio Speaking

      All contestants use the same broadcast material provided by tournament management.

      The contestant is allowed a 30 minute period to prepare a script from the material. 

      The speech shall include news, an original commercial, and a commentary about a subject covered in the provided material.

      The time limit is between 5:30 – 6:00 minutes.

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  1. I find the limited preparation speaking to be the most interesting and i think i am interested in doing this kind of speaking.

  2. Yah, holme skillet biscuit, I was gonna do retold but, I changed, I used to be to Legit, but now I’m to Legit To QUIT… cool beans

    • how dare you steal her thing!

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