Platform Speaking

Platform Speaking Events

Original Oratory

  • As orator you will research and speak intelligently on a topic to persuade.
  • Your speech should be original and interesting to your audience.
  • An orator is given free choice of subject and judged solely on the effectiveness of development and presentation.
  • Time limit is 10 minutes maximum.



  • Expository speeches are original compositions of the contestant.
  • The Expository speech is a speech to inform. The contestant will deliver an original factual speech on a realistic subject.
  • Visual aids that supplement/ reinforce the message are permitted.
  • The speech must be delivered from memory.
  • Time limit is 7 minutes maximum.



  • The purpose of this event is to sell a legitimate product. 
  • “Services” are not considered legitimate products.
  • The actual product must be displayed and/or demonstrated.
  • Presentation should be memorized.
  • The time limit is between 3-7 minutes + 2 min. questioning by the judge.


Oratorical Analysis



After Dinner Speaking

  • This event should imitate a banquet situation. The group (real or fictional) being addressed should be clear.
  • The intent of ADS is to entertain, but the speaker must also develop an idea. Each contestant will present an original speech whose purpose is to make a point through the use of humor.
  • The speech should reflect the development of a humorous comedic effort, not a stand up comedy routine.
  • The speech must be delivered from memory.
  • Time limit is 4-6 minutes.

  • After Dinner Speaking Event Description

  • After Dinner Evaluation Rubric

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  1. Ms. Miller–I hope I’m doing this right! Anyways, I’m pretty interested in doing the Lincoln-Douglas debate. Expository (and maybe Original) Platform Speaking also sounds like something I’d like to try as well.

  2. No all the cool kids do, Lincoln Douglas, Duo Interp, Humorous Interp, and Retold… so if you wanna be a player… than… do that… word to my homies

  3. I am thinking I will do either Original and/or OA…..those really interest me….Once i start my PF case I’ll get going on some of the Speeches!!

  4. I think that salesmanship is a good Speech that I might do.

  5. I think that salesmanship is a good Speech that I might do. WORD OUT TO MY HOME BOIIZ

  6. ha ha im doing a speech on sales man thanks to all of my fans
    peace out homes

  7. choo! choo! choo! honk! honk! honk!

  8. There are just too many speeches that sound fun. Should you do a speech purely for fun or one that’s fun, but that you might win? Because winning is a lot of fun too.

  9. […] you doing a platform speech (expository, original oratory, oratorical analysis, after dinner speaking, or […]

  10. Oh come on! No one does ADS

  11. I DO

  12. Miller!! I Am Excited To Be Trying Out ADS. I Love The Topic You Chose For Me! Thanks 🙂 Haha

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