Platform Speech Topic Ideas

Expository/Oratory ideas:

Benefits of Video Gaming: Reality is Broken




Prescription drugs




2nd Amendment



Child labor in America


How to calculate GDP (it’s surprising)


Face transplant



(images may be disturbing)

Alcoholic Tree Shrews


Self-inflicted wounds by US soldiers


Race Issues:

In June, the High Court in Johannesburg granted the request by a Chinese civil rights organization to switch Chinese South Africans from “caucasian” (as they were during apartheid) to “black” (which would allow them to better qualify for government benefits). [BBC News, 6-18-08]

Grand Theft Auto and/or video games


Health Topics:

Cancer medication causing “bone death”

Video games treating ADHD

Using Botox for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Hypnosis for pain treatment

Islet cell transplantation for Type I Diabetes

Flu Shots to treat cardiovascular conditions

Legal ban on Trans Fats

Metabolic Syndrome epidemic

BrainGate Neural Interface System (neurotechnology for victims of paralysis)

New Cancer drug Avastin

Bioengineering of a synthetic form of turbocharged HDL (good cholesterol)

AmpliChip CYP450 Test (genetic analysis that helps doctors better predict how an individual patient will respond to a certain medication)

New Stem cell treatment for Children with high-risk medulloblastoma

New studies that show cell phones
do cause cancer (and other ailments as well)

Immunotherapy trials (vaccines that reduce cancer)

Newly discovered protein that assists group A Streptococcus bacteria (Flesh-eating Bacteria)

Report linking brain circuits and overeating

Research to enable people to renew or replace damaged and missing body parts

Research showing that adult human brain tissue can regenerate

Research on the continuing global risk of transfusion-transmitted infections

New study on the brief period of cross-immunity explains the timing of epidemics

Neurologists testing devices to treat epilepsy

Research developing a device to detect and prevent epileptic seizures

Science & Nature Topics:

Particle Acceleration by Stimulated Emission of Radiation (laser-like transfer of energy)

New study on the quantum theory of back-action

Combating Biodegradation (natural process that destroys billions of dollars worth of subsurface petroleum)

Marine Extinction from rising ocean acidity

Proposal to inject sulfur into the atmosphere to slow down global warming

Reducing the impact of global warming by decreasing the levels of nitrous oxide in soil

Ethane and Propane produced by microorganisms in the deep ocean floor

UK Microsatellite discoveries

New high-tech tool to determine historic climate changes from earth and marine sediment core samples

Pollution affecting underwater volcanoes

New Research May Reduce Global Need for Nitrogen Fertilizers

Acid rain developments

New chemical process for removing unwanted minerals from coal (could lead to reductions in carbon dioxide emissions)

New study on the impact of soil erosion on the environment & human health

The first metagenomic study of an activated sludge wastewater treatment process

Drought policy: Managing Drought and Water Scarcity in Vulnerable Environments: Creating a Roadmap for Change in the United States

Recycled Paper and Compost, Tools to Control Plant Disease

New study about the world’s most widely used organic insecticide, Bacillus thuringiensis.

“Green Chemistry” solution to oil recovery and clean-up problems

US Government’s secret Colorado oil discovery and drilling



After Dinner Speaking:

Camel Beauty Contest


Hysteria over the Large Hadron Collider-the huge particle accelerator that ended up not destroying the world.

Look up other insane conspiracy theories for an ADS


Gadgets that make you look like a jerk.


Jesus Toast and other likenesses of benevolent bearded Europeans





Pics provided by http://www.utexas.edu/courses/spe319/speech.gif




  1. A good topic would be hitler because whenever you talk about hitler you are automatically going to win the round it is a well known fact

    • That would be an amazing after dinner speech. As long as you got Judges that do debate too.

  2. Kind of a fluff topic. However, could be fun and effective; and I have not seen it done… surprisingly! Oratory (persuasive) on how pride can affect someone, whether it be negative, positive, or both. The fact that excessive pride can make one egotistical, and lack of pride will leave us without confidence. Just an idea.

  3. Left this out of comment above. Sorry! Would need to include how pride affects our society as well… this one could be quite interesting!

  4. These are good ides! :]

    i used the one about the
    cell phones causing brain
    cancer, good stuff.

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