Summer Debate Camps

Find out about all the great summer opportunities at:

Debate Central Camps

I will also be holding summer sessions (for free!) in Nampa & Caldwell to get prepared for the season ahead. I have arranged for college debaters and coaches to meet with you!

Drop me a note to sign-up for summer Interp, Platform, Limited Prep, Public Forum, Lincoln-Douglas, and Novice Policy workshops. I will only schedule workshops as requested!

Its a different kind of camp!



  1. hey miller, this is the first time ive been on here so idk if im in the right spot…… but i have a pool and large backyard if we need a place for a debate team pool party i may be able to provide that.

  2. I think a party at Fullbright’s sounds AWESOME! Who else is with me?!

  3. I know a place for a good party… my face… wait… that’s not right either…

  4. My grandparents said that they are going to send me away to some camp and so I figure a debating camp would be awesome since I debate with practically everyone over anything. I only get weekends on my email account.

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